CALAMIGOS is a Chumash Indian word that means “Come as my brother, come as my friend.” In 1937, when J. Grant Gerson first arrived in Malibu, California where Calamigos Ranch sits today, he heard a story about Captain Freemont Scott leading his wagon train out West. The captain’s scout told him that they were being followed by Native Americans, so he had the scout send a message that he wanted to meet with the Indian chief. Captain Scott had his blacksmith fashion a necklace out of horseshoe nails and leather, which he took from around his neck and placed around the Chief’s neck as a greeting gift. The Chief smiled, raised his right hand and said, “CALAMIGOS.”


When Gerson founded his Covered Wagon Club and camp in the heart of Malibu, California, he named the land Calamigos Star “C” Ranch to represent the same spirit of brotherhood and friendship. The Ranch was founded on the five points of fellowship: Reverence, Loyalty, Honesty, Self-Reliance and Sportsmanship. The Calamigos motto was “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – only do it first.” The slogan was “Make the most and the best of whatever you have, even if it isn’t much.”


Five generations later, those words still ring true. The Calamigos brand strives to honor the land and its natural beauty, to be as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible, and to be fair, respectful and gracious to its guests.

Today, the award-winning Calamigos Guest Ranch and Beach Club is the only luxury destination in Malibu that encompasses both a private 250-acre ranch in Malibu wine country as well as an exclusive beachfront club for its guests. The care and attention to detail that guests experience here carries over to Calamigos Collection, a high-quality range of custom-made apparel and home accessories made in Malibu with cutting-edge technology, 3D knitting and sustainable manufacturing processes.


Inspired by this special setting, Calamigos Collection honors its heritage while putting a fresh spin on classic California cool. Taking its cues from the sun, sea, equestrian and ranching life, it’s both nostalgic and modern, essential and effortless. It’s utterly perfect to wear anywhere, any time.


Planning a stay with us? Order a piece customized with your initials, name or the date of your special occasion and it will be waiting in your room upon check-in.* Or experience the products in real life at the Calamigos retail shop. Whether your happy place is the beach or the big city, wear the warm spirit of Calamigos wherever life takes you.  

*Orders must be placed at least two weeks prior to check-in*